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Our ACIM group closed mid-year in 2010.  We continued with the lessons on our own and finished the year – it was amazing.  We encourage you to study the Course and to continue to seek company in your studying. is a good place to look for an ACIM group that accepts participants throughout the year or is a text study group rather than a Lesson Study group.  Please read below for information on A Course in Miracles and some of the resources we have found useful in our study.

A Course in Miracles is the result of the collaboration between two Columbia University psychologists: Dr. William T. Thetford and his colleague, Dr. Helen Schucman.  In 1965, Helen experienced what she described as a Voice which spoke clearly in her mind, saying “This is a course in miracles.  Please take notes.”  Helen took down over a period of seven years some 1,500 type written pages which became A Course in Miracles.  The “original edition” is the unabridged volume of the Course as it was completed by Schucman and Thetford in 1972.  The commonly read version is the originally published version from the Foundation for Inner Peace which was edited in part by Helen Schucman and Ken Wapnick.

Paul Scott is the facilitator for our ACIM group.  Paul is a Transpersonal Counselor, a Metaphysical Minister, a Matrix Energetics Practitioner, a Oneness Blessing Giver and an avid student of A Course in Miracles.  Paul earned his counseling certification through Clearmind, whose clinically based program uses principles from A Course In Miracles, aligning with the Course’s goal to “remove the obstacles to the awareness of Love’s presence”.

Kathie Scott joins in loving support of Paul and the group for a transformative year studying the Workbook Lessons.  Kathie  is a Mortgage Broker who find great sustenance, and release for her passions, in the metaphysical world.  She, as well, is a Metaphysical Minister and one of their greatest passions is the honour and privilege to legally join couples in marriage in British Columbia.

If you are just beginning the Workbook Lessons, and although you can begin the Workbook at any time throughout the year you must always begin your personal study with Lesson 1 regardless of what day of the year it happens to be.

To assist you on this journey…

An organization we recommend you subscribe to is The Pathways of Light.  The Pathways of Light staff worked with the 365 ACIM Workbook Lessons for many years and we find their reflections insightful and valuable. To prepare their reflections, with each Lesson they quieted and opened their minds to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The insights received were posted to an online lesson forum where additional students added their insights. The combined insights of the Pathways staff with the additions of other students are offered through email subscription to enhance your experience of the daily lessons in A Course in Miracles Workbook for Students.

The Pathways of Light ACIM Workbook Reflections are not intended to replace the daily practice of the ACIM Workbook Lessons, rather, enhance your understanding and absorption of each Lessons.  We have learned through experience not to reinvent the wheel and this forum is a place where we will always do our best to offer references to what is already being done well to enhance your studies, hence this recommendation.

To subscribe to have the Workbook Lesson Insights e-mailed free to you daily, click here. To look at any day’s lesson, click here.  You can synchronize your subscription so the insights for the lesson you are studying is e-mailed to you on the day you are ready for it.  Just follow the “Edit your subscription” instructions provided at the end of each lesson email.

Course in Miracles Society at www.jcim.netstudy from the Original UNEDITED version of A Course In Miracles – they are an international group of Course students and teachers organized to discover, authenticate and propogate the Divine Teachings of A Course in Miracles.  As students, they seek to increase the knowledge of Jesus’ words and to deepen the experience of His teaching.  As teachers, they work to circulate the message of A Course in Miracles throughout the world by words, deeds and by the example of their lives.  They are not in conflict with the Foundation for Inner Peace, rather they believe that the option of seeing and reading all of the unedited text is truly beneficial, as do we.  If you can afford the price of ordering another book, the Original Text is definitely a recommendation.

CIMS also offer a daily reflection newsletter that can be subscribed to easily and you can go to this website daily to hear each Lesson read by Martin.

Other recommended reading; The Way of Mastery, Shanti Christo Foundation.  This is an amazing book and can be considered a “sequel” to A Course In Miracles.

If you have any questions about anything you have read here please email Paul at or call him at 604-813-2206.

We look forward to meeting you on this path!

Namaste and Blessings to you,

Paul and Kathie