Frequently Asked Questions

Living Vision FAQs and other good information!

Who would attend this event?

Anyone looking for a community to share the Vision of Global Transformation on a collective and individual level. Anyone looking to go deeper into themselves and find the core where all strength and inspiration for life on earth resides.

What does my payment include?

Your payment includes 2 night’s cabin-style accommodation, 5 sit-down meals and hemp protein shakes provided by Conscious Planet all weekend. And a journey with one of the largest gatherings of amazing artists, healers and visionaries; masters of their craft co-creating on your behalf – the price of this entire weekend is less than most non-residential, one-modality weekend workshops – this is an incredible value! You are worth it and you deserve to be there!!!

Exactly how long will we be at Lake Sasamat?

Please arrange to check in at Registration no later than 5pm as the gathering begins at 6:30 in the Lodge –  Sunday’s closing is 5pm. You will be well fed on Sunday but no sit-down dinner. We will be expected to have cleared the grounds by 8pm for the Lake Sasamat clean-up crew.

What is going to happen during the weekend?

Without taking the mystery out of the weekend, we can tell you that as an experiential weekend you will be guided through internal processing with Masters of their crafts in the healing arts. You will be delighted and amazed.

To give you some idea, although it changes every year, you can go here to see Ronnie Novak’s 2008 video montage of the Living Vision weekend.

Do I have to prepare myself in any way for the weekend?

Nope, come as you are! We all start from where we’re at and we are truly anticipating connecting with you and honouring you, heart and soul. No one is required to do anything – each process is offered by invitation. The choice is yours although we en-courage you to journey with us as a collective.

Go here to see Ronnie’s LV 2008 YouTube video!

What do I need to bring?

Lake Sasamat is a camp setting – the accommodations are cabins placed throughout the forest surrounding the main Lodge. The beds are wooden with camping mattresses. If you want extra comfort you can bring a foamy for under your sleeping bag, but the beds are reasonably comfortable. We’re in quiet and fresh air, so it is a wonderful setting conducive to sleep. If you are a light sleeper you may want to bring earplugs.  Although we do not have late particularly nights, we “celebrate” Saturday night and it can be loud…this would only affect you if you needed to go to bed early, but that shouldn’t really be the case for anyone 😀 . Cabins have heat and there is an electrical outlet in each cabin. Separate bathrooms for men and women in the Main Lodge – 2 cubicle showers and electrical outlets in each bathroom.

Here is a list of suggested supplies for you to bring:

  • Any specialty food or medication – there is a fridge for these in the Lodge. (Vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetites are planned for at every meal.)
  • Sleeping bag, foamie for under your sleeping bag for extra comfort, pillow, towels, toiletries, yoga mat, sitting pillow (we will spend some time sitting on the floor – there are chairs for those unable to sit on the floor), water bottle, lidded drinking cup (you will be able to make tea or coffee and Conscious Planet will be lovingly providing hemp shakes for us throughout the weekend)
  • Clothing suitable for a variety of weathers, hooded rain jacket just in case, wrapping blanket for outside at night, camera, flashlight, journal and pen.
  • A contribution for the community altar the will be honoured and returned.
  • Bathing suit and hiking boots perhaps, as  there will be time to enjoy our surroundings and there are kayaks you can use free of charge and a lovely lake to swim in if you are brave enough. It takes just over an hour to walk once around the lake.

How do I get to Lake Sasamat?

You can get directions to Lake Sasamat from their map and a pdf printout. The camp is in Port Moody in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. Once you are in Port Moody, from the corner of St. John’s Street and Ioco Road, turn North onto Ioco Road. Turn left at the third traffic light and follow the signs to Belcarra Regional Park. Turn right onto 1st Avenue which becomes Bedwell Bay Road. Drive past the turnoff to White Pine Beach. Turn right at the stop sign, towards the Village of Belcarra. Finally, turn right onto Senkler Road, the first road to your right after entering the Village of Belcarra, and follow the wooded driveway into Sasamat Outdoor Centre.

The parking in Lake Sasamat’s lot is limited to 40 cars so car-pooling is a necessity as there is no “street” parking off-grounds. The week before our gathering we co-ordinate car-pooling. We’ll need to know if you are bringing a vehicle and if you can meet those who are not, who require a ride. Don’t forget you will have all of your weekend supplies too! If you live nearby and are planning to sleep at home remember to request parking on the perimeter as we’ll be closely parked to squeeze everyone in.