Transpersonal Therapy/Counselling/Matrix Energetics

What is Transpersonal Therapy?

I am trained as a Transpersonal Counsellor. Transpersonal Counselling is a person-centred, rather than a clinical approach, to talk therapy or counselling, which expands traditional theories of the psyche to include connecting and working with our higher, spiritual self.  Transpersonal Counselling is based on the work of Carl Jung (Analytical Psychology), Carl Rogers (Interactional Psychology), Roberto Assagioli (Psychosynthesis) and Abraham Maslow (Motivation Theory and Self Actualisation) among others.

Within the past three decades, modern science has presented us with new challenges and new discoveries that suggest human capabilities quite beyond anything we previously even imagined.  In response to these challenges and discoveries, the collective efforts of researchers from every profession and discipline are providing us with a completely new picture of human existence, and most particularly of the nature of the human consciousness.

These new revelations are forcing us to take a closer look at who we are physically, mentally and spiritually.  We are seeing the emergence of a new image of the psyche, and with it an extraordinarily world view that combines breakthroughs at the cutting edge of science with the wisdom of the most ancient societies.

Transpersonal Therapy is one of these new breakthrough technologies and looks at consciousness as more than an accidental by-product of neuro-physiologic and bio-chemical processes taking place in the human brain.  The Transpersonal sees consciousness and the human psyche as expressions and reflections of a cosmic intelligence that permeates the entire universe and all of existence.  We are not just highly evolved animals with biological computers embedded inside our skulls; we are also fields of consciousness without limits, transcending time, space, matter and linear causality.

Acceptance, empathy and congruence form the core of Transpersonal or “person-centered” counselling – the basic belief of this approach is that within individuals there is the potential for each person to solve their own problems, especially within an environment that is affirming and respectful. Transpersonal Counselling is not “advice giving” but a “drawing forth” of solutions, and the therapist is a guide and/or facilitator to help their client to build the skills to find their own way to dealing with and solving issues for themselves – enabling them to go on to “problem solve” in their own life, self-referenced, without the on-going guidance of another, necessarily.

During our initial one-hour consultation we explore whether we can work together before deciding on a series of sessions with a specific goal.  There are not a particular number of prescribed sessions but generally, if we decide we are compatible and make a plan to work together, the number of sessions to expect would be a minimum of six.  Some clients have achieved their desired goals prior to six sessions and some clients prefer an on-going appointment to continue their self-exploration once they’ve completed their initial goal.  Also, your goal may change along the way, and the achievement of one goal could very well give rise to another.

Subsequent sessions may involve guided imagery, energy work and meditation among other techniques.

Remember that the future we anticipate is the future we create – we should become sleuths for possibility and potential and provoke our imaginations to discover new ways of approaching life’s critical issues to empower ourselves to think as creatively as possible about a “better” future.

What we focus on becomes our “chronic” reality…we become what we talk about…so rather than seeing yourself as having a problem or problems, instead see these as complaints. We all have complaints but we are not our complaints.  Normalize your “problems” – they are the ordinary difficulties of life.

For instance, perfectionists are only people who love quality that have gone too far.  It is not a problem to be solved but merely an adjustment to be made.

Although many can be slightly trepidatious about embarking on an inner journey such as this, many are also very curious and once on the road, find that facing and working with issues in this way not only liberates while it self-empowers, it frees up massive amounts of energy and lowers stress levels.

All sessions are carried out in the strictest confidence.

Paul Scott is a Transpersonal Therapeutic Counsellor who brings into his therapy an energy called “Matrix Energetics “.

What is Matrix Energetics?

Matrix Energetics is a complete system of healing, self-care and transformation. It is a transferable phenomenon, powered by intent, which has a physical and observable effect every time – with no waiting and no “running” of energy.

Matrix Energetics starts with a gentle light touch and the power of focused intent and builds into a new and joy-filled state that can affect life changes. This can be used to heal, to transform and to create new possibilities. It’s very much about transforming your beliefs concerning healing, disease and the structure of reality.

Often you will see and feel a wave-like motion when Matrix Energetics is applied, as the person being worked on experiences a smooth wave of transformation and the body seems to drop in a completely relaxed wave instantly. This can happen standing up, sitting down or laying on a table. Using a powerful, focused intent combined with the application of a light touch method for identifying the parts of the body where the Matrix Energetics “wave” will yield optimum results, what seems to be happening is that the unconsciousness and the biological physical fields are interacting.

Matrix Energetics is not a “thing” to be defined – it is, instead, a pathway to transformation.  This transformation takes place by communicating at the quantum level with the wave fronts (energy and information) that create all of reality.

Matrix Energetics is simply a language used to access this pathway and map the transformation that occurs. The application of this method of transformation is only limited by your imagination. What is happening when you are receiving a Matrix Energetics application? You are creating and transforming reality at the quantum level and observing the macro effects of that change.

This new paradigm gives instant access to new states of awareness which make it possible to interact with the material world and transform it – to affect change connected to past traumas, injuries and emotional patterns. Matrix Energetics shows us how we can consciously choose to observe in a different way. As a natural extension of changing your way of perceiving, your old reality collapses and new possibilities materialize instantly. Physical and emotional conditions can be resolved with the speed of thought. People affect verifiable, observable changes instantly. Often you will see and feel a wave like motion when Matrix Energetics is applied, as the person being worked on experiences a smooth wave of transformation. What seems to be happening is that the unconsciousness and the biological physical field matrix is rearranging itself.

Utilizing Matrix Energetics enables one to engage a state, or way of being, that creates miraculous changes and frees us from the non-miraculous, static belief systems that have dominated our daily lives and to affect change with no waiting and no running of energy. YOU affect your physical surroundings in a powerful, permanent, new way.

There are no barriers to the expression of this energy and the only limitations are in your own mind and with practice you transcend those limitations. It is like learning a new language or acquiring a new skill in a sport, where first you have to think about all the rules, and then at some point, you begin to think in the language itself or act fluidly with skill.

Like many things that are founded on feelings and sensations, it is generally much easier to experience Matrix Energetics than to try to understand it.

It is human nature for us to make assumptions about new experiences by comparing them to encounters with information or activities that seem in some way similar to us. Traditionally we build new skills by making adaptations from previous actions and thoughts. Do not make this mistake: this is an entirely new paradigm.

According to modern physicists, all reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns, that everything is light and information.

Biological information fields form an active, constantly resonating matrix. This matrix and its interconnections provide for a continuum for rapid, coherent intercommunication throughout the body. The vibrations and waveforms in this matrix can be changed, meaning that anyone can collapse the current reality such as an injury pattern or some stuck situation within the body or emotions and introduce one of many other new possibilities that are more useful.

Dis-ease may be defined as a disruption, cessation or distortion arising in the matrix of these information fields. Physical and emotional injuries impair communication at the cellular level. The application of the Matrix Energetics field re-establishes the flow of biological information so that the body can better respond to stimuli in its internal and external environments.

Matrix Energetics itself is not a technique but a consciousness shift. It’s using an energy field and a consciousness, like a standing wave. And it’s always there.  Observe your reality, attach a new paradigm, then a new consciousness to that paradigm – you then get instantaneous changes in physical matter.

There is nothing physical – instant change is possible! We are spirit living in a physical body; we can access a reality that is no longer limiting, and instantaneous change at the speed of light is possible.

Matrix Energetics creates a state by which transformation can materialize. The more you trust, the greater your wave, the greater your experience of transformation — just remember though that the description of energy and matter as composed of waves describes and allows you through the power of focused intent to enter into a non-consensus reality in which the product of your imagined outcome can encode and imprint on consciousness in such a way that physical observable changes become the product. You’re creating an altered state, a different reality, which you energize and give life to with your active imagination. And it can all happen now.

You are co-creating – you’re creating an altered state, a different reality, which you energize and give life via your active imagination. So the secret is that your creative imagination is the force and it works equally with anything. And its always there, 24 hours a day!

You can reliably experience something that appears magical, but which is also is also measurable. Matrix Energetics is a new idea that is supported by modern physics, subtle energy physics, and quantum physics.

In order to really understand the magnitude of what is possible with this system, you must experience it for yourself. Matrix Energetics provides a new tool and shift in thinking that can be applied to anything that you want to accomplish.

Distance Sessions – Matrix Energetics can be done remotely by telephone line or Skype connection.  Here is an explanation of how…

Science is now recognizing what mystics from ancient traditions have known since time began- we are all connected; one energy.  Everything is energy!  So if you see the universe as a “hologram” – in which the entire universe is contained in every part (watch “What the Bleep Do We Know” for a deeper explanation) then energy isn’t required to “travel” anywhere because it is everywhere…holographically!

Quantum Physics researches and studies have proven that there is a FIELD – a “morphogenic” or “information” field; a field of thought created by everything in existence – that operates beyond space, time and the physical realms.  That field has been know for 1000’s of years by great philosophers, sages and deeply spiritual people. It is actually where all the past, present and even future events are imprinted and it is from there the actual “matrix” of our physical reality is being formed through our own consciousness and the consciousness of all those around us.

Constantly changing and evolving, this science has actually created a completely new understanding of how we interact with life and the universe.  Based upon the “unified field theory” made famous by Nikola Tesla, this new and evolving understanding of how our reality “works” sheds light on all unexplainable phenomenons including psychic abilities, miracles and the power of prayer, just to name a few.  We know now that our brain is actually fashioned in the image of the cosmos and we only limit our reality by our limited understanding of how that works!

For instance, in the early 1980’s, a team of scientists at the University of Paris led by Alain Aspect made one of the most important discoveries in modern science. They found that under certain circumstances, some subatomic particles were able to communicate with each other instantly – no matter how far apart they were from each other. It didn’t matter if they were millions of miles apart across the universe!

This is possible, according to the Quantum Physicist David Bohm, because time and space are not real – they are only convenient concepts that help us define our reality. Thus, there is nothing at all to limit energy from traveling instantaneously from here to the next galaxy!  Bohm suggests that at a deeper level of reality, subatomic particles are not “individual entities” but extensions of the same fundamental “something”, and everything and everyone in the universe is profoundly and infinitely connected…

Since time and space are no obstacle to the perception and transmission of energy, this creates a remarkably effective session  using Matrix Energetics.  Whether you are in the same room or across the planet, a practitioner using any type of “energy” practice such as Matrix Energetix, or a Quantum Bio-Feedback practitioner using the SCIO device, is able to sense a person or a group’s or even an “event’s” energy from a distance…out of time.

Distance healing sessions can affect all areas of one’s being- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and clearly you don’t always have to be physically present even though it is “normally” thought to be preferable, since all beings are connected through the UNIFIED  FIELD.

Preparing for a Distance Session

Make sure that during the session you will be undisturbed.  It is best to use a headset or speaker-phone so that your hands will remain free.   Take 10 minutes before the session to sit quietly and and prepare yourself.

Afterwards, give yourself a few minutes to rest, relax, maybe nap and perhaps journal about your experience. Remember to drink lots of water through the day, as energy treatments are very de-toxifying.  If you have any questions in the days following the treatment, please don’t hesitate to call or email.

The following is an excerpt from his new book, “Intention Heals”, by Adam Dreamhealer…

As proteins are dynamic in nature, they are constantly changing their conformations. Certain conformations enhance the rate of a reaction more than others which we describe as being more enzymatically active. Here’s the important part. This means that just the smallest change in structure or orientation of any part of this protein has dramatic effects on its enzymatic activity and, consequently, our health. Metabolism is based on enzyme (which is a protein) activity and these enzymes are directly influenced by our intentions and thoughts. You can now appreciate that there is no such thing as an idle or neutral thought. This should be a huge motivation for you to practice positive thoughts. Specifically, just how are proteins chemically changed by intentions? Every time we think a thought, many chemical reactions occur and every chemical reaction emits light. This has been known for decades. In fact, we use this light-emitting feature to identify a substance by running light through it and observing which light frequencies it absorbs and which light it emits. So a thought actually becomes a “light-emitter.”

For Transpersonal Counselling or Matrix Energetics with Paul Scott you can reach him on his cell phone at 604-813-2206 or visit the Quantum Life Wellness website to make an appointment at